Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why to register your Trademark

A trademark is an important legal document that any inventor will want to complete. Registering trademarks goes back almost over one hundred years. There are a number of reasons you would want to take the time to register a trademark. The first reason being the protection of a valuable asset, this is probably the most important reason behind registering a trademark. This preserves your rights re: the creator and owner of said trademark. This also helps with the second reason to file a trademark - to fend off other people who would want to nip at your heels of your creation. Usually competitors, distributors or other thieves look to steal ideas and items from people. A registered trademark can protect you from this.

Now sometimes a trademark can be misappropriated by mistake or coincidence. This is why the registration exists to keep these other people from infringing on your ideas. The third reason behind the trademark registration is the prevention of dilution. A trademark can become diluted when other companies and businesses all use the same style constantly. In a market where your consumer is constantly exposed to similar trademarks all of which are just about the same tend to lessen your own trademark's impact and sales diminish in the market.

The fourth reason spins out of the third with the potential loss of goodwill. A copied trademark can lead to mistrust in the marketplace. By whatever means most of the time a similar or copied trademark is not as high quality as your own. This is where cheap imitations come from in the open market. These imitations can sometimes confuse the consumer and your own trademark becomes known for the quality of the copied and imitated ones. This is the number one cause of loss of goods and sales in the marketplace today.

You can also register a trademark as a defensive measure. This is the act of registering your trademark outside of the United States. This prevents your trademark being used or copied outside of the confines of your home country.

The final reason anyone would want to register a trademark is for licensing purposes. This is how you gauge the value of your trademark. Other than being a tangible good which can be bought or sold, a trademark can also be an idea that can be licensed to other companies for their own use and sale. This is how most companies make their money from their trademarks by licensing them to other companies for production and sale.

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